By Ladonna Williams • August 2, 2017

Time to Get Motivated, Folks!

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One of the things I love about my job is that our owner is always pushing us to read motivating books and share our knowledge with the team. We actually have a book club and a pretty awesome library here at work.

And though I love to read, let's be real -- it's not always material that's super stimulating to the brain. (Yes, I did read the entire Twilight series back in the day. Don't judge me.) 

I recently picked up a new find, "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy, and wanted to share a few notes with you all. It's a great little book that's so easy to read and speaks to those of us with good intentions of jump-starting a diet, financial plan or any other area of your life where you've been procrastinating.

In a nutshell, "The Compound Effect" is a strategy for reaping huge rewards from small, seemingly insignificant actions.


Here are a few takeaways from the book I thought were so awesome:

Write down a few small steps you can take every day. Doing this will help steer your life in a completely new and positive direction.

Keeping that in mind, do the same for actions you can stop doing that may be hindering you as you're trying to move forward.


Start tracking or journaling at least one behavior.

Pick a behavior in your life you'd like to improve. This could be a diet, fitness, money or parenting goals.

This step really causes you to pause and review how much you're spending or how badly your eating habits may be throughout the day.


Here are six techniques for installing good habits.

1. Set yourself up to succeed.

Gather everything you'll need to get this habit going. If you're trying to eat healthier, have the fridge stocked with nutritious items you'll want to eat.

2. Think addition, not subtraction.

Instead of focusing on all your favorite things you may be giving up, focus on the things you're adding back in.

3. Go for PDA (public display of accountability).

The more you let people know around you that you're trying to end this bad habit, the more likely they'll keep you in check (and be your biggest cheerleader)!

4. Find a success buddy.

We all need someone to hold us accountable.

5. Partake in competition and camaraderie.

A friendly contest at work or among friends is a great way to stay on track.

6. Celebrate.

Find a way to reward yourself for your hard work. If you're having troubles staying motivated, you can opt for smaller, more frequent rewards at certain checkpoints.


Find a peak performance partner.

To increase your exposure to expanded associations, team up with someone who's equally committed to personal growth as yourself. This needs to be someone you feel open discussing your attitude and performance with.

These are just a few tidbits that stuck out to me personally. As a whole, the book was very enlightening on the importance of becoming a more successful you. I highly recommend checking it out!

- Ladonna


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