By Kevin Hoc Duong • August 29, 2018

Meet Our Newest Intern, Kevin Hoc Duong!

McMahon Marketing Kevin Hoc Duong
Kevin is a junior studying Marketing and Management Information Systems (MIS) at the The University of Oklahoma. He's involved with many organizations, such as JCPenney Leadership Program, Soonerthon, President’s Leadership Class, and more.
This past summer, he interned for Valero Energy in the IS department. He designed an integration between two engineering systems and analyzed the creation of a document management system for the Logistics department. With experience in IS now, he sought growth and knowledge in marketing. He Google searched “marketing in Norman,” and found McMahon Marketing at the very top of the list.
The thing that attracted Kevin to McMahon Marketing the most was their mission of producing high-quality work, but having fun throughout the process. Kevin relates to this as he's very studious, but also full of energy and spontaneity. When he's not studying, Kevin loves to cook, volunteer, and go on adventures.
Not Master Chef style, but Kevin loves to find recipes and prepare a meal for himself and his friends. He finds it rewarding to eat a self-made meal. Plus, it’s much cheaper since he's on that college student budget.
Kevin has a passion for nonprofits. Specifically, he loves nonprofits with missions relating to assisting children with illnesses or in poverty. Kevin hopes one day, he can create his own nonprofit with a similar mission. He has volunteered for Special Olympics, Children’s Miracle Network, Make-a-Wish Oklahoma, and Positive Tomorrows.
Kevin is an adrenaline junky. He loves skydiving, snowboarding, and cliff jumping. He also loves traveling to foreign countries and exploring their culture and food. He has backpacked in Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Next spring, he's studying abroad in Hong Kong, where he plans to backpack around Southeast Asia.
This semester, Kevin will be working on our social media presence through improved content and videos/photos. Additionally, he will be working on increasing efficiency within our business process with our clients and elevating their satisfaction with our services.