Matt Woods By Matt Woods • October 9, 2017

How Can Boundless 2017 Upgrade Your Sales Team?

18 months ago our sales team struggled to attract, educate, and close the RIGHT customers.

Today? We've recently closed the 3 biggest deals in company history and we're growing full-steam ahead!

We made a simple, but powerful change by fully embracing inbound marketing and sales.

Watch Forbes contributor and CEO, Korey McMahon, explain how every business can learn from our agency's growth journey — and stay tuned for a special event invite at the end.

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Selling has changed so much. Every day you and I see over 5,000 marketing messages, and we're just ignoring them.

This is very challenging for sales people. With this rapid change in selling, what is it you need to do? Well, we've got a little mantra here at McMahon marketing where we say, "Helping is the new selling."

My name is Korey McMahon, a contributor to Forbes and CEO of McMahon Marketing, and I want to help educate you a little bit about what's happening in the world of selling.

New Call-to-action

I understand your pain. About 18 months ago, our agency wasn't getting the quality leads that we really wanted to propel us forward, so we went through this journey. We really dove deep into understanding, "What's happening in the world of selling and what are we going to do about it? How are we going to help implement this across all of our clients?"

We found out that there's a better way of selling. It's called inbound sales. Coupled inbound sales with inbound marketing creates this massive, massive exciting growth for not only our company, but also our clients.

Right now, this is real data, on the key pages on our website we're getting about 1 in every 4 visitors are converting, about a 25% conversion rate, which is incredible. It's insanely high, when right now on the internet high performing websites getting about a 1% conversion rate.

So what have we done? I'm going to tell you our secrets and what we are doing to get this massive growth, and the best part about it is we're getting the right leads and they're converting.

I can just tell you right now, we are signing on the biggest clients in our company's history. It's an exciting time to be using inbound marketing and inbound sales.

Let's start with taking a step back about what is inbound marketing and what's the journey?

Well, the first part of inbound marketing is how do we get more people attracted to your marketing? How do we get more people to your website? How do we get more strangers?

Well, typically we do this through social media, paid advertisement, digital marketing, search engine optimization. It's having good keywords in your blogs, writing a lot of really good content. From there, they're on your website.

Now, how do you get these visitors to convert? This is the biggest opportunity in my eyes. Most website companies, most marketing agencies absolutely fail in this section of creating a conversion.

Well, check out our website,, and just start looking at what we're doing. We've got really good forms, we've got great call-to-actions, we're really engaging. We've got instant chat.

From there, we're creating a lot of these leads and now we're nurturing those leads. We're getting the right leads. I'm going to give you some information, some data that was just given to me because it's shocking.

One is that half of your leads aren't qualified to by, so 50% of leads are not yet ready to buy so this is important in the inbound marketing journey of then nurturing those leads, taking those leads and nurturing them through email automation, workflows, getting them into a CRM. This is an important part of inbound marketing and inbound sales.

Now, once they become a customer, you've nurtured that client, they became a customer, how well do you get them to become a promoter? You do that by monitoring social media, your reputation, getting testimonials, creating case studies, to get more promoters right through that, that whole inbound marketing journey.

I want to read a couple more things about some stats that were just given to me, about the importance of following up with leads right away. It says here that if you follow up with a lead within five minutes, it's quick, you've got to do it fast, you're nine times more likely to convert them to become a customer.

People want information quick today. When they're on your website, and they convert, they're looking for something, so let's help them. Let's help them in what they're looking for.

Another interesting component is, again, nurturing that lead. I just told you half of them aren't ready to buy. It says here, "60%+ are requesting information today but aren't going to be ready to buy for at least three months. Again, we've got to nurture. We want to help guide and educate them about why your product, your service is the best.

Guys, we've gone through this journey, and the state of inbound marketing right now, I know your pain, the number one marketing challenge you have is generating website traffic and leads. It's the number one pain for marketers and sales professionals is getting that traffic and getting those leads.

So what are you going to do about it?

I've got some great news. We are hosting an event in our office here in Norman where we are flying the top three inbound sales professionals in the nation to our office at a free event. It's by invite only, and I want you to be here, so go to to look at the event details and let us know if you would like to be invited. We'd love to have you.