Matt Woods By Matt Woods • June 28, 2017

We Won a Gold 2017 Stevie Award!

Past Stevie Award winners include Apple, Ford Motor Company, Procter & Gamble, Samsung... and now McMahon Marketing!

We were over-the-moon to discover we'd taken home the 2017 Gold Stevie Award for Best Service Sales Video for "The Owner and the Coach."


It's a big deal. In fact, The Norman Transcript featured us in a front-page story this morning featuring our CEO, videographer, and client.

“I just learned the combined worth of the companies we beat is $71.3 billion,” Williams said. “So, it’s kind of amazing for me, being a one-man crew with a budget of $1,000, beating companies like that. I had no idea that sort of thing would happen. It’s pretty exhilarating.”

Go read the full article to learn more about the Stevie Awards, the video's creative process, and the next level of competition.

Korey McMahon, CEO, and Cooper Williams, Videographer, pose with their Gold Stevie Award.

Watch Korey and Martin Holland's acceptance speech for Best Service Sales Video.

Here's our team's acceptance speech during the awards ceremony in New York City. You can also read the full text here.


Want to see the award-winning video?

It's an epic, creative video (that generated real leads for Martin's coaching business right off the bat!)

“I had a guy looking for a business coach in northeast Oklahoma,” Holland said. “He said, ‘I get it, but my wife doesn’t understand.’ So I told him to watch it. He called about an hour later and said, ‘She watched the video; we’re in.’ It [has] paid for itself 20 times over with just that one guy.”

It's a true original from start to finish. We love re-watching it and hope you will too.


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Acceptance Speech Transcript

Podium Announcer:

"Alright, next award. Please join me in congratulating a 15th Annual American Business Awards Honoree, McMahon Marketing of Norman, Oklahoma."

Video Announcer:

"McMahon Marketing is the winner of the 2017 Gold Stevie Award for the best service sales video for "The Owner and the Coach"video poem for ActionCoach. McMahon Marketing is a small but mighty Inbound Marketing agency focused on generating qualified leads for sales teams."

Korey McMahon:

"We are so stoked to be here tonight. It's not without the dedication of our amazing team that we get to work with clients that are changing the world. And I could not be more excited than to be standing here up with the best business coach in the world, Martin Holland. He's making such an impact in business. Thank you."

Martin Holland:

"I want to thank Korey for his un-bounding enthusiasm and his drive to get things done. And as a result, here we are. Thank you, Korey."