Matt Woods By Matt Woods • February 22, 2018

Get Your Small Business Found on Google: 3 Simple Tips

It feels stressful to see your website traffic stay flat and stagnant month-after-month.

Isn't there a way to help new people find your local business on search engines like Google?

(Good news: It's definitely possible to get noticed with some common sense and elementary understanding of how search engine optimization (SEO) actually works.)

Remember: It's a skill — not black magic or something only professionals can figure out! Keep watching for a couple of quick wins your small business can start applying today to increase your rankings on Google.


Tip #1: Pay Extra Close Attention to Your Website's Keywords on Every Page

Tip number one is really, really paying attention to keywords. You're going to want to put yourself in the mind if someone who's googling something and use those words when they're looking for your business.

Tip #2: Leverage Geographic Keywords to Rise to the Top of Local Search

The second tip is to be sure that you use geographic location keywords. This way you're getting locals instead of people outside of the realm of those you can help.

Tip #3: Don't Talk Like a Robot! Use Conversational Wording on Your Site.

And the last tip is to be sure that whatever words you're using along your website are words that really, really matter to your business and what people are gonna want to be looking for it because those are the words that Google is going to pay attention to.

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Now, you know how to get some quick wins under your belt to boost your website's visibility. Aren't you ready to take things to the next level?

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