Matt Woods By Matt Woods • July 19, 2017

Use These 3 Free Hubspot Tools to Boost Your Marketing and Sales!

Hubspot's best-in-class landing page, email automation, and lead tracking software can produce jaw-dropping results... but it's a huge investment too!

What if I told you there's a quick (and free) way to start marketing and selling smarter?

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These 3 free tools could save your business hours every week.

Watch our inbound strategist, Matt Woods, guide you through the best features of each tool in a quick summary.
(Don't forget to check our transcription if you get lost.)


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Full Video Transcript

"Hey guys, it's Matt from McMahon Marketing. Have you ever seen some of the great Hubspot marketing tools we've been recommending but thought, man, I don't know if my business is big enough. I don't know if I'm ready, I don't know if I have the budget for something like that quite yet, I want to test and see the value before I actually pull the trigger?


We have some great free tools that you can use today with a super easy install. It can be as short as 10 minutes if you do it right. And you can start generating visitors, contact, and leads for your business today with very minimal effort.

So I'm going to tell you about some of those. The three tools that you want to look at when using Hubspot Free, are the Hubspot CRM, Hubspot Marketing Free and Hubspot Sales Free tools. And, I'm going to walk through what each on of those are.

So, Hubspot Marketing Free, what does that do? Well, it's super great. So, you set up a new Hubspot account and it gives you this great little magic tracking code.

Well, it feels like magic. And here's why.

When you put that tracking code inside your website, and they walk you through step-by-step how to do that, it only takes you like five minutes. If you have access to your website, it'll start tracking every page on your website so you can see all the traffic, but it'll also pull in anytime anyone fills out any form on your website.

And, it'll put it and save that contact information. It can forward that on to any email subscriber you have without setting up any fancy integrations, and you have a record of that.

You'll get an email notification right in your inbox with all the information so you can follow-up right away. Super helpful.

We recommend this for lots of clients and it helps them with their business. What this also lets you do is then when you have that contact information, you can save it to what's called a CRM.

A customer relationship management tool. Basically it's like a really, really fancy spreadsheet on steroids that you can search all your customers and you can see:

  • Are they new to my business?
  • How big are they?
  • How many people do they have on their team?
  • Would they be a great fit for me to reach out and see if I can help and send them a free resource, send them a link to a blog, or even set up a meeting with them?

And so it's a great thing where you can see at a glance all the things we can do. Very key for sales teams.

Another thing that the free marketing tool would do is something called lead flow.

We love using lead flows, and here's why. Have you ever seen maybe those more tasteful... We've all seen like bad pop-ups where they kind of like spam you all over. Lead flows aren't like that if you use them right.

What lead flows are, it intelligently gives you an opportunity to collect someone's email at a key point in your website.

So it can be a small bar at the time. It can be a pop-up when they're about to X-out of your website. Or, it can be a little slider at the bottom.

And you can tell people exactly what to expect. Like, hey, maybe you just want to put one up for a free marketing meeting for us.

Or, maybe for you, it's just a free prize or maybe a free ebook that you made. Or, maybe a coupon or something.

And you can just collect their email, you can collect their name and that costs you no money at all.

Super easy to set up and that will go straight over to the free CRM if you had that set up too.

The third tool that's really exciting to talk about is Hubspot Sales. This is one of Korey's favorite tools and here's why.

When you send someone an email using Hubspot Sales, it's just a little integration that will go right into your Outlook or Gmail client. You just click the little box and instantly, you get notified anytime anyone opens your email - anytime they click on anything in your email.

And you can even save them right into your customer database right from inside the email client that you already use.

You can also save a lot of time because it has something called templates.

So, if you have an email that you send over and over and over again, instead of digging through Microsoft Word or whatever and copy/pasting that 12 times a day, you can just hit a button right inside your email client and it will fill in the template automatically with information it already knows about that person - and then whatever else you tell it to put in there.

So, hey, those are a few quick tools for you to get up and running with Hubspot's free marketing CRM and sales tools.

If you have any questions or get stuck installing those, go ahead and just reach out to us on our website, through the live chat or through a forum. We'd love to help you get set up with that and start making more money for your business.

Have fun, guys!"