Megan Sanders By Megan Sanders • May 5, 2017

Commit Your Company to Making a Difference

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"Everyone can be great because everyone can serve."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

When our team volunteers at a local non-profit, we not only enjoy the activity, but it also makes us a better team.

The opportunities to serve gives us the chance to experience our team dynamic in different environments, and we learn about other organizations in our community.
Maybe it is serving on a board or delivering hot meals, either way, involvement in the community is important. We like to encourage our clients, friends and family to connect and serve because it enriches the town and the giver. 

I am grateful our founder of McMahon Marketing believes in the importance of giving back, and the team appreciates the ability to take time out of our schedule to volunteer numerous times each year. We sometimes find ourselves cleaning litter boxes, pulling weeds or organizing inventory. What we are doing matters less than why we are doing it.

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There is power in giving, and businesses should take the time and resources to put their hands to work in the community.


Here are some tips for your business to get more involved:

  1. Choose a leader to plan and organize the volunteer efforts.
  2. Decide how much time and resources your business can afford. This may be one hour a week, month, or quarter.
  3. Determine the civic and volunteer interest of your team.
  4. Notate their passions and talents, and choose a project that utilizes their strengths.
  5. Contact the local United Way, Chamber of Commerce, schools, churches and nonprofits in your area. They can provide you with what work they need to complete, and how you can help them reach their organizational goals.
  6. Finally, commit to making a difference.

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UnitedHealth Group conducted a study in 2013 and found that volunteering has a significant impact on workplace mood, feelings of purpose, it improves health and reduces stress.

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Memorable experiences will positively affect your company culture and give them interactions that would never occur in the office or boardroom. Today, start the process by finding where you and your team can connect with service opportunities in your community.

This post was written by Megan Sanders, Client Relations Director.