Matt Woods By Matt Woods • February 14, 2018

How Should You Respond to Chronic Negative Attitudes in the Workplace? [Free Event]

Haven't you worked with a teammate who seemed to create head-on conflicts just by walking into the room?

Like clockwork, they're always violently erupting at work or spreading toxic rumors behind closed doors... Yuck.

These conflict-magnets can make your workplace feel like an emotional minefield too.

"Should I intervene? Should I give them space? What's the right course of action to resolve this without killing my whole team's morale?"

Luckily — we have the perfect event upcoming to equip you with effective strategies for embracing healthy conflict in your home and workplace.

Dr. Nate Regier literally wrote the book on resolving conflict and he'll be sharing his heartwarming personal stories and powerful client case studies to help your team kick toxic conflict to the curb.

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Quick Recap

 Join us on February 23 from 7:45 - 10 am at 809 Wall Street in Norman, OK to learn how to extinguish workplace drama and toxic, difficult personality clashes with the author of "Conflict Without Casualties: A Field Guide For Leading With Compassionate Accountability".